So happy you're here. 

Here's a bit about me. I'm a mama of two boys, one as sweet as pie and the other as feisty as they come. I'm (painfully) aware of how quickly they're growing from chubby fingered babies into toothless young men. Knowing I have timeless, tangible frozen moments from their beautiful childhood makes my heart swell. It's everything. 

Whether it's a maternity, newborn or family session my goal is to always deliver a gallery to you that brings tears to your eyes, overwhelm you with nostalgia and provide you with something your babies can show their babies one day. I’m here to capture your family as you are, right in this beautiful moment. The silly and happy, the cozy, the quiet and the raw and everything in between. I'm here to tell YOUR story. Because, well, it's yours and yours alone. Preserving these memories is everything. 

my mission


-big brother 
-the rule follower
-will absolutely beat you at any board game
-reads approximately 1 chapter book per day
-hobbies include dirt biking, drawing and dessert


-little brother (but refuses to be treated as such)
-the comedian
-made up of 50% pretzels and 50% attitude
-hobbies include building complex Magnatile cities and coloring in the lines 

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“We had so much fun shooting with Jessica. It felt like just hanging out with a friend - so natural - exactly what we were looking for in a photographer and in our photos. Cannot wait to see the finished product! Already thinking about scheduling our next session.”

- alexa d.

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