Huarte Family-Summer Mountain Family Session

Every once in a while, as a photographer, you leave a session speechless. In awe. Exhausted. But giddy. Almost as if you’re having an out of body experience. This was one of those sessions for me! I had not met the Huarte family before this evening, but I was prepared by mama that “my boys are crazy”. I thought “sure, sure. I’ve heard it before”. Y’all, these boys DID NOT STOP. Not once! I need to bottle up some of that energy for myself. But that energy is the best kind of energy for a family session. It’s untamable, wild, carefree and just so much FUN! I told mama that I was and to relax, come along for the ride and love on her family. Some of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken are during family sessions where mom and dad just exist. They just dive in, forget about all external noise and just play. I promise, it’s worth it! I so appreciate the Huarte’s for allowing me to stretch my creative wings-and for the good workout 😉

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